Review of Apple iWeb software

Apple's Mac Web Design Software, also known as iWeb is a part of the iLife suite of applications that include iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand. As with other Apple products, iWeb too follows the user-friendly tradition in its simplistic yet sleek and intuitive design. Previously, iWeb used to be a staple app on all Apple computers, but since July 2011, iWeb is available only online in the company's App store, and only as the part of the iLife suite. The disappointing fact is that no new versions have come out since 2009.

iWeb comes with a multitude of features, most of them quite outstanding. You can choose from 28 templates, each with eight webpages and later add or remove at your own convenience. The templates can be customized too. The software has a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) design, so text, images and the entire page appear on your screen as they would online. It has drag-and-drop functionality for adding photos or other elements, a really smooth way to create entire albums on your site.

iWeb was designed by Apple to be as simple to use as possible, so you can see that it has a real user-friendly interface, with toolbars with prominent icons for all the common functions. iWeb also makes uploading the site an easy task, requiring only necessary server information, which means that your site can go live with just the push of a button.

Apple is known for its excellent customer support and iWeb is no exception. Support includes a searchable data of help topics, video tutorials and a user forum. Basically, if you are a first time web designer, iWeb is the answer to your prayers for an easy to use yet robust web designing tool

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