Creating a Press Release

Press releases are an excellent way to promote a company, service or product. In order to be effective, they must first of all be relevant and newsworthy - writing press releases for the sake of it without actually having something new to report is of little use to anyone, as well as likely to be refused acceptance by media/ online distribution sites.

Effective press releases should also be laid out in a particular manner. To begin with, they must have a catchy, but relevant headline, which should be in bold type. This headline then needs to be followed by a brief - typically one to four sentences at most - summary explaining the headline and summarising the content of the press release.

The first paragraph of your press release's body then needs to briefly answer the who, what and when, as well as the why and where of the news, which can then be discussed in more detail within the paragraphs - which should be short and to the point - that follow.

After giving a brief summary of these details at the end, you should add a boilerplate (briefly describing who you are; what you do; providing relevant statistics and/ or other information indicating your 'newsworthiness' - like being a published author, major international corporation, renowned scientist, and so on).

Finally, provide contact details (name, phone/ fax number, e-mail, postal address and Website URL) for anyone wishing to obtain further information.

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