Dell expands its Cloud Portfolio by Adding Enstratius

Computer manufacturer Dell recently announced the acquisition of Enstratius, a cloud-management company formerly known as Enstratus, to further expand its growing cloud portfolio. Enstratius' solutions include, among others, application management within hybrid, private and public cloud areas.

A spokesman for Dell's software unit, Tom Kendra, stated in the company's press release announcing the deal that the need for automation, control, governance and security is becoming more critical as the use of hybrid, private and public clouds by enterprises around the world increases.

Expanding on how the two companies will operate together, Mr Kendra also remarked that by joining with Enstratius, Dell is in a unique position to deliver complete and differentiated cloud management solutions to small and large enterprise customers, thereby empowering them with flexibility and efficiency in the use and allocation of resources.

Founded by Michael Dell in Austin, Texas, in May 1984, under the name Dell Computer, the company now know as Dell Inc. is a multi-national corporation of computer technology. Based in Round Rock, Texas, Dell develops and sells; supports and repairs computers, as well as related services and products.

One of the world's largest technological corporations with over 103,300 employees around the world, Dell is the world's third - closely following HP and Lenovo - largest PC vendor and #38 in the famous Fortune 500 list.

Consistently growing through both acquisitions and a continually expanding customer base - selling personal computers, software, data storage devices, servers, network switches and other computer peripherals since 2009 - Dell now also sells cameras, HD-TVs, MP3 players, printers and a range of other electronic equipment manufactured by other companies.

Well-known for its innovation in electronic commerce and supply chain management - in particular the company's direct sales model and its build/ configure-to-order approach (delivering PCs configured to exact customer specifications) to manufacture - Dell is, according to the Fortune magazine, now Texas' sixth largest company (total revenue). It is also the second largest (following AT&T) non-oil corporation in the state and Greater Austin's largest company.

A leveraged buy-out - announced by Dell in February 2013 - by Michael Dell, Silver Lake Partners and additional Microsoft funding was still pending shareholder approval in March 2013.

As it is, the acquisition of Enstratius is just the latest in Dell's efforts to increase its ever expanding cloud portfolio. Just in April 2012, the company added Wyse as one of its substantial list of subsidiaries.

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