Drawing Attention to your Website

Having created a Website, it is now necessary to take steps that will ensure it will get noticed - after all, a Website that goes unnoticed is of very little use to anyone. Naturally, submitting the site to search engines - such as Bing and Google, for example, is a good first step. Sites can be submitted to these search engines via these links:


There are, however, many other ways in which to draw attention to your site. Press releases are a good way to announce the arrival of a new Website and get it noticed by blogs, news sites, and so on. There are some companies - such as PRWeb, for example - that assist users in creating press releases.

Creating articles and submitting them to varying (reputable) article databases from where readers can freely repurpose/ share them; creating links to your site by guest blogging on popular blogs and/ or creating your own blogs all help to get your site found.

Advertising through search engines; social media pages and newsletters are also good options, as are offering free software and/ or e-book downloads on your site. It is, as a matter of fact, quite amazing how quickly offering something free to visitors will generate additional traffic - there is no doubt that 'word-of-mouth' is still one of the best ad anyone could ask for.

The SiteWizard offers more detailed information on these and others ways to promote a site and is certainly worth taking a look at.

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