Dreamweaver Web Development Software

Dreamweaver software is a closed source web development application developed by
Macromedia but acquired by Adobe. Adobe Dreamweaver is a tool which features a WYSIWYG
(what you see is what you get) editor, code editor and is actually a combination code/GUI web
development application. Working with Dreamweaver requires proficiency in coding, unlike
Jimdo and Weebly which are more user-friendly and can be used even if the user doesn't know
coding. Hence it is best suited for professional web designers and developers and retails for

Dreamweaver supports standard features like syntax highlighting for languages like
ActionScript, JavaScript, Visual Basic, code completion, built-in HTML and CSS editors in text
with HTML5 and CS3 support. It has different versions running in the market with CS6 being
the 12th and latest version. Dreamweaver is available for both Mac and Windows.

Adobe Dreamweaver allows the coder to manipulate the HTML layout and in addition live
content preview in locally installed browsers, also features an integrated browser which helps in
previewing developed pages in the preview pane. Other features of Dreamweaver are its diverse
language support which includes Brazilian, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish etc. It also can
automatically discover related files such as CSS, JavaScript and dynamic sites on PHP, ASP and
ColdFusion. Dreamweaver uses FTP, SFTP or WebDav for uploading edited files to the remote
web server.

In addition to its long list of pros, Dreamweaver has certain disadvantages as well. Many
users report that it is too complicated with too many advanced features for a regular user to
understand. The in-built link checker also checks links only to the current site and not external
links. It doesn't feature built-in validators and also limits Google sitemaps, e-commerce etc.
through third party extensions.

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