Earning an Income from Selling Information Products Online

Information products - like audio/ video training courses, e-books, and so on - are a good way of earning money on the Internet. There are two ways of doing this. One is to create your own product; the other is to sell an existing product as an affiliate marketer.

In the latter case, it is obviously necessary to first of all pick a suitable product. This is made easier by so-called affiliate market places. Such market places include, for instance:

Commissions Junction

Vendors also offer affiliate programmes directly, often hosting their programmes on InfusionSoft platforms. Frequently, these vendors offer affiliates not only front end sale credits, but also credits for back end sales.

Having decided on a product - whether it is your own or as an affiliate - you need to create an e-mail list - in other words, you need to capture visitors' e-mail addresses before driving traffic to the product. This will then allow you to create follow-up e-mails to visitors who did not make a purchase straight away.

Creating an e-mail list is done by creating a lead capture (or 'squeeze') page with a similar heading to that of the final sales page. The call to action on this page needs to ask visitors to enter their e-mail address for more information, then take them to the product information/ sales page after they have entered their details.

Finally, you obviously have to generate traffic to your 'squeeze page'. This can be done through ads, regular blog posts, articles and videos about your site/ the product you are offering.

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