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If you're looking for web hosting, you may come across companies that actually offer free web hosting. While many of these sites are no longer in business, there are still some out there. You may be very tempted to make use of these free web hosts for your website, but there are some reasons why you may not want to use them, especially if you're creating a professional website for your business.

One of the largest downsides to free web hosting is that you almost always get a pop up ad of some sort when you visit the site. This is how free web hosts keep their sites free. These ads may actually appear on the side of the browser window, making your site a bit smaller, or they can appear in a separate window that visitors have to close. Either way, these ads are incredibly annoying and are going to make your site look very unprofessional. If you're simply making the website for yourself, you may not mind these ads so much, but if you're creating a business site, the ads are going to be a huge detraction. They will drive visitors away from your site or make it appear so unprofessional that no one will trust it with their personal information.

The website URL is another issue. A free web host is not going to let you easily use a domain name with your site. Instead, you'll end up with some very odd looking address that few people can easily remember. It will, again, look unprofessional. It's much better to go with a paid web host that allows you to create a domain name and point it at your website.

There are a few bonuses to using free web hosting. Again, if you simply need a personal website that you'll only be sending out to your friends and family members, a free web host is fine. The ads won't be that big of a deal and neither will the long URL. You won't have to pay for the hosting, which is a great benefit.

Another benefit, especially for those who have never created a website before, is that many of these free web hosts include tools to help you design your site. You don't have to know any HTML code at all. Their interfaces are usually pretty simple-just click and drag on objects you want to include on your site. Adding images, changing backgrounds, and changing text size and colour is all very quick and easy. This allows beginners to focus on the overall layout of their site. Later, as they gain experience, they can start learning more complicated website layout features and move on to other design programs like DreamWeaver or Microsoft Expression.

Overall, free web hosting really is not an option for anyone looking to make a professional or business site, but for those who are just getting their feet wet, it can be useful. There's no reason, after all, to pay for web hosting if you just want to make a small website designed to provide information to your friends and family.

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