Great Free Tools for Website Design

Personal users and small businesses often do not have the resources to invest in costly Web design tools. Fortunately, there are many excellent tools available for free download. Here are some of these tools - including audio and video apps; image, icon and font tools, as well as a few resources deigned to simply inspire and provide design ideas.

Audacity - Suitable for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and various other operating systems, this handy audio recorder/ editor allows users to make live audio recordings, convert audio into suitable digital recordings and mix/ edit sound files. - This handy tool is an intuitive colour picker allowing users to pick hues by simply moving the mouse to and fro. Lightness is selected through up/ down movement, and saturation can be determined via scrolling.

ColorZilla - A collection of advanced tools, containing a ColorAnalyser, ColorPicker and an Advanced Eyedropper, as well as an image - CSS converter, CSS gradient editor and more.

Firebug - Integrating with Firefox, this cool tool provides access to an array of tools allowing users to monitor, edit and debug CSS, JavaScript and HTML on any Web page - live.

Font Squirrel - Offering high-quality, hand-picked free commercial-use fonts - including most popular and newly found fonts - Font Squirrel is a great place to start looking for interesting fonts - a row of symbols shows how/ where fonts can be used free.

Freepik - This is a search engine designed to assist Web/ Graphic designers in finding free high quality illustrations, photos, PSD files and vectors for their projects.

Gimpshop - Designed as a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop, Gimpshop includes an intuitive interface, advanced high-end tools and a broad selection of filters. Another free image editing tool,, offers a similar array of useful tools.

HandBrake - Able to process most commonly used multimedia files and unencrypted BluRay/ DVD sources, HandBrake converts almost any video format to varying widely supported, modern codecs.

IconFinder - As the name suggests, this tool allows users to find suitable icons for their projects among around 1300 icon sets and almost 300,000 icons.

Iconizer - A handy little tool for finding and modifying icons, Iconizer offers options to alter foreground and background colours - as well as image angles, saturation and more - of icons.

Niice - This inspiration search engine allows users to search across Fubiz, Dribble, Designspiration, Behance and many other inspirational sources.

Users looking for free Website builders may want to check out Moonfruit and Wix, both of which offer a host of templates, tools and more - all free of charge.

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