Great jQuery Plug-ins for Single-Page Website Creation

Single-page Websites are an excellent option for sites with comparatively little content or simplification of browsing experiences. Mostly used for event, app (typically mobile app) and portfolio sites (although suitable for use with any type of content), these sites can be enriched with modal boxes, tool tips, chic crolling effects and more. Here are some great jQuery plug-ins to assist in achieving these effects.

Ascensor.js - This enables location of content blocks into any canvas coordinates and browsing them via keyboards. Sections are browsed similar to an elevator system and can move right/ left and up/ down.

jQuery Scroll Path - This original plug-in enables drawing of unique custom scroll paths of any size (complete with curves). Users can place HTML elements along their chosen path, and specific events - like arrow keys (up/ down), mouse-wheel or space bar take users to successive elements with animations following the path. Using CSS transforms, the plug-in also allows for the entire page to be rotated, and there is also an optional click-and-drag custom scroll bar.

Curtain.js - Able to display multiple fixed panels, this plug-in uses curtain-raise effects to create lovely scrolling effects. Scrolling can be done via the mouse wheel or the keyboard.

Other excellent plug-ins include:

jQuery One-Page Navigation

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