Green Hosting for a Green Planet

Web hosting companies are data centers that consume a lot of energy, and so obviously they put the due stresses on the immediate environment. With increasing environmental awareness, web hosting companies claim to have gone green to leverage the power that this awareness has resulted in. The issue is that many of these companies are green in the name only.

In the usual situations, a green web-hosting company is powered by wind and solar energy sources, which are carbon-neutral. Else these companies purchase carbon credits to offset the environmental impact of running their business, but this won't have a positive impact on the environment unless the companies purchase more carbon credits than the amount of energy they actually use. The obvious point to be noted here is that to really "go green", companies should use renewable sources of energy, i.e. mostly wind or solar energy so as to not leave even the tiniest carbon footprint.

Day to day practices of a company also have a lot of influence the impact the company has on the environment and usually a few simple tasks also go a long way in making tomorrow greener. Replacing old, energy inefficient servers with new, energy efficient ones that radiate less heat is one of the very basic steps for web hosting companies to go greener. Other notable steps are employee car-pooling incentives, tree planting drives etc., that actually have an indirect positive effect on the environment.

The point to be noted here is that as a customer, it is you who can help in protecting the environment by choosing a web hosting company that has legitimately gone green. So use the services of those companies that provide free web hosting for non-profit environmental organizations, to support the cause from your end.

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