Internet and Content: Successful Negotiations

Content is king. This is a true statement. No matter where you go. Whatever you apply it, content is important. Even the basic things will tell you that content is still the number 1 and highest of all. Like an individual, what she wears does not matter when her ideas and beliefs in life is meaningless. What she looks like does not make much of importance on the way she thinks and talks.

So, what are the reasons why content is the highest feature on the internet:

1. It serves as the human in the inanimate material.
The texts cannot be done by a robot. There's a thinker behind every text found online. When the internet is an inanimate material, the texts speak to the viewers and it is serves as the human being that reaches to the viewers who are humans as well.

2. It communicates.
The letters and words communicate to the reader or visitor. It tells her what to do while she's browsing the web. The content will tell and ask things to the viewer. Therefore, a sensible and readable content will control the person reading the website content.

3. It tells you to react.
The contents are instructions, procedures, steps, ways and other things that you will follow or use. Therefore, the one reading it will react on the texts. When you write a wrong procedure online, you'll get bad feedback from your viewers.

4. It has a message.
Content is made of letters and words that have meaning. When there's a meaning, then there's definitely a message that the writer or website administrator wants to convey, share and tell to its readers. The way the message is told and the impact it holds to the readers will take a great effect on the website and the business that holds it.

5. It is substance.
Imagine all websites only have photos and videos on it. No labels. No texts. No captions. No contents. What can you read? How do you find out things? What will you know? Therefore, content is a substance that makes a website more worthy of viewing, visiting and reading. There can be websites that can only show pictures and videos but there will be always content, regardless of its length. On the other hand, there are websites that can stand on its own with letters, words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs only.

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