How To Keep Wordpress Secure

Irrespective of the website you use, it is always preferred that you adopt certain measures to keep your account secure and to ensure that your website hasn't been flagged as malware-infected by Google.

For Wordpress users, to ensure that your account is secure, start off by maintaining a strong password that is a good mix of numbers and letters, both in lower and upper case and similarly, a well-chosen username. Keep changing your password every now and then. Pay attention to Wordpress updates that will help you fix bugs, security holes and incorporate new features, giving secondary importance to the problem of disrupting existing themes and plugins. Themes and plugins that lie unused should be cleared away as they are potential sources of possible security breaches and make the task of cleaning up the site tougher.

There are ways and means of installing programs that help keep a check on brute force attacks that happen on a large scale. Gain access to a system that helps you detect malware and rectify it immediately instead of just pointing out areas in which your site could be vulnerable. These malware checks should assess the file structure in and out. In case malware has been detected, be quick enough to clean it out and repair the site immediately. Be careful while choosing the web host as well. Maximum risks are posed in case of shared servers and therefore, if need be, ensure that you are always placed on a server with a small number of websites. Make sure that your website doesn't specifically give away the version of Wordpress that you are are using, making it easier for hackers to break in.

Upon following these tips, one can be assured the security of their Wordpress account.

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