Making Choices - Templates vs. Customised Design

Staying ahead of the competition among millions of Websites makes it necessary to design a site in a way that makes it not only unique, but compelling enough to make visitors want to come and explore it. One of the choices Website owners have to make when designing their site is whether to use a design template or have a customised design. Knowing the pros and cons of both options will help making this decision.

Customised Design - The main advantage of having customised Website design is that the end result will be totally unique and can be designed to need every single requirement a user may have. In addition, customised designs can typically be adapted in accordance with current and future changes in the market.

While customised design does offer the ability to specify every small detail, it does have the disadvantage of being time consuming. This may - depending on requirements - subsequently also raise the cost of setting up a site.

Template - Perfect for anyone on a small or budget or wishing to get a site online as quickly as possible, pre-made designs - or Web templates - are generally very simple and basic. As a result, templates - which frequently offer a smaller range of features than custom design sites - are mostly used for informational or personal sites.

This, by the way, is the main disadvantage of template designs - they do not offer all of the features that can be made accessible through customised design, meaning they may not meet all the requirements of a business, for example.

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