Making LinkedIn and SEO work for You

Founded at the end of 2002, LinkedIn was designed to bring professionals of different industries/ work lines together. It is now regarded as a major social network with more than 200 million users. Anyone familiar with the vast user-base enjoyed by Facebook will realise that while this is a vast number of users, it is still only about a fifth of the number of users on Facebook.

LinkedIn and other Social Media Networks

This obviously raises the question whether it is better to be on LinkedIn or on Facebook. The truth is that it is undoubtedly of advantage to get the best of both of these worlds. In essence, the more socially active a user is the more chances of success in whatever venture they are pursuing they have. In other words, it is wise to join LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as Google+, Twitter and other social media networks.

This is, as a matter of fact, not just a matter of preferences, but a vital step - and one of the very best SEO practises - when optimising a LinkedIn profile for Google and other search engines. Having a presence on social media sites plays a vitally important role in creating an online presence and promoting businesses. Merging LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and linking to other social networks like the ones mentioned above is therefore highly recommended.

LinkedIn Pages and Best SEO Practises

Having created profiles on said social media sites and LinkedIn, you will now need to give people reasons to follow you. It is subsequently necessary to invest some time and effort into optimising your LinkedIn pages with SEO techniques.

The first step in doing this is to ensure every field of your LinkedIn profile is filled in. The idea is to tell people exactly who you are, what you have achieved in the past and what you can do now and in the future.

Do take advantage of the fact that you can add three links, too. Be aware of how much anchor text matters here - your links' anchor text should tell people exactly where they will end up when clicking on them.

Other important Steps

Additional steps of optimising your profile include connecting with as many other users as possible; asking for endorsements (this will raise your credibility significantly) and joining relevant groups offered within LinkedIn. Naturally, you will need to back this up by providing quality content on your Website, blog, social media sites, and so on.

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