The importance of mobile friendly websites

Going by the increase in the number of people who are using smartphones to carry out daily transactions, it is becoming important for websites to ensure that they are mobile friendly and successfully cater to a larger audience, irrespective of their geographic location.

Mobile websites are known to increase the user experience significantly. The download speeds offered are optimal and hence users do not have to spend time waiting for the website to appear and can enjoy faster browsing. Users can easily utilize mobile specific features such as mapping functions and location-aware technologies that connect users to local businesses that are popular in the geographic areas in the proximity. Mobile friendly websites also significantly improve the ranking offered to users on Google and chances of your business making it easily into local directories are high. Besides, the presence of a mobile friendly website imparts much class to the brand name, making a rather positive statement that adds to the credibility and the popularity of the services being offered by you over those offered by your competitors since users are constantly looking for websites that function smoothly on smartphones to shop from. These websites score well on utility as they can be accessed easily while on the move.

With the help of the QR technology, brands can now redirect users to their mobile websites by means of printing these codes on bill boards and in magazines, moving a step further in advertising their products. Since mobile websites work universally on all browsers on smartphones, they are far more flexible and easy to maintain cost wise. Thus, keeping in mind the potential of smartphones of overtaking personal computers, the development and growth of mobile friendly websites only seems inevitable.

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