Pinterest and your Business

Having started out as a site where craft enthusiasts and brides-to-be could share photos, wish-lists and more, Pinterest has grown into a pin board site that offers inspiration to millions of users - and is now said to provide more referral traffic to users than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.

Deemed by some experts as the new 'site to be on' and a magnificent tool for business, Pinterest essentially allows users to collect so-called 'pins' - images and/ or videos - and link them to either their own content or content they have found - and were inspired by - elsewhere on the Web. So how can this help your business? Read on to find out.

By using Pinterest to share what inspires and interests you - and your company - you provide new and existing customers with an opportunity to understand your brand better. Offering a well-rounded view of your company by not only focusing on products/ services, but showing boards concerned with the life style surrounding your brand, you enable consumers to connect better with your company - a great way to encourage long-standing relationships.

If, for example, you are selling baby food, you could also create boards about parenting/ family life in general; healthy foods and recipes; your favourite baby clothing, gifts, toys, etc; favourite baby photos or names, and so on. Should your company be involved in charities, you may want to dedicate a board to this.

You should also engage your visitors - this could mean asking questions, inviting comments or starting a competition. To stay with the above example, you could, for instance, create a 'Cutest Baby' competition for your brand by asking visitors to submit and vote on photos.

Naturally, the idea is to generate traffic to your official site and subsequently increase your sales. It is therefore essential to encourage visitors not only to re-pin and like your content on Pinterest, but to follow links to your site.

As Pinterest pages should never be exclusively promotional, this is best done by weaving your products into your Pinterest content. To ensure users realise these products/ services are not just something your company is interested in, but something it offers, it is obviously essential to highlight them and provide effective descriptions likely to arouse their interest enough to click through. Adding a price to these descriptions will also result in your products automatically being filtered into Pinterest's gift stream.

In short, Pinterest can help consumers to learn more about your brand while at the same time generating increased traffic and potential sales for your company.

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