SEO Errors to Avoid

Doing SEO on your website is very important. It is, in fact, one of the most important things you can do if you want to get a lot of visitors to your site quickly. Getting a page one ranking on Google, for example, will dramatically increase the traffic to your site, and the only real way to do that is by doing SEO. However, if you do bad SEO, it can actually be more harmful to your site than doing no SEO at all. Here are some SEO errors you should try to avoid.

Don't use a lot of flash and other scripts. Many search engines can't see anything that's embedded in flash. This means all of that information is not indexed and does not count towards your page ranking. While using flash can make your site look more interesting (and it shouldn't always be avoided), remember that you're giving up some SEO potential.

Don't forget to put ALT tags on your images. While these tags were originally designed to describe an image that didn't load due to slow internet connections or missing images, today these tags can be used for SEO purposes. Try to work in a few keywords into each ALT tag, but remember to make the tags readable to humans as well.

Don't write for search engines. While you may think that working in a lot of keywords is going to get your page ranked higher, the truth is that it actually won't. Some SEO robots actually rank pages down if they see an over-abundance of keywords. Another issue with this is that your human readers will find your text sounds awkward, and they may even stop reading it after the first few paragraphs if it's obviously written for SEO purposes.

Don't repeat page titles over and over. While this won't detract from your page ranking, it doesn't help, either. Use page titles as another place to slip in a few keywords. Search engines will recognize different titles and will take note of them.

Don't steal your text. Plagiarizing text from other websites will be noticed both by humans and by search engine robots. Duplicate text will mark down your page rank. In addition to being a bad SEO practice, it can also get you and your business in legal trouble.

You also want to avoid using any SEO practices that are considered bad or fraudulent. This includes keyword stuffing or using hidden text. Keyword stuffing involves cramming as many keywords onto a page as possible. This creates a webpage that is worthless to humans. Search engines will rank these pages down. Likewise, hiding keywords at the bottom of your page is a bad idea. While this technique did work at one time, it is no longer a good SEO practice.

Remember that good SEO can quickly and easily move your website up several spots but bad SEO can cause your site to lose ranking. Use only good SEO practices when working on your site and you'll be fine.

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