SEO Tips and Secrets

Increasing your website traffic doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, with just making use of a few SEO tips and tricks can result in a lot more traffic to your site by moving it up on the list of relevant pages. Your goal should be to get your site on the first page of search results; getting it in the top five results on that page is even better. To do this, just follow some of these SEO tips and your site will become more attractive to search engines.

Keywords are very important to your website. They tell the search engines what categories your site should be filed in and what searches your site should be included in. However, there are more places to put keywords than just in your text. You can add Meta tags to your website that will describe it to search engines. You can also put ALT tags on all of your images that make use of keywords. Putting titles on each page that include different keywords is also a good tactic. When it comes to your text, though, don't overdo it. If you stuff too many keywords in there, the text may not read naturally. This can make readers think you care more about keywords than you do about providing them information, and they may leave your site.

Remember that flash applets and plugins generally can't be seen by search engine robots. They won't be able to gather any information from flash menus, videos, slideshows, and the like. While these are great ways of displaying information and work very well on some sites, you may need to compensate for them by using keywords in other areas like ALT tags and Meta data.

Frames, likewise, can cause some issues. Sometimes, search engines will decide one of your sub-pages actually ranks better than your main page. However, if that sub-page is in a page, the search engine won't see it as a separate page, and it won't get ranked in the search results. In fact, the search engine won't really see it as a page at all.

Another important SEO tip is to remember that SEO isn't just a one-time deal. In fact, you may need to update your keywords and SEO practices on a regular basis. This is especially true right after you do SEO on a site. If it doesn't seem to rank as high as you'd like after a few months, you may have to go in and redo all of your SEO for a new keyword or two. Then you have to watch the rankings and, in a few months, may need to make another minor adjustment. As the industry changes, you may need to tweak your keywords every now and then to maintain your ranking.

By continuously looking at how your keywords are working and by following some of these SEO tips and tricks, you can get your site ranked higher on search engine results. Just remember that you can't do SEO and then forget about it-the process requires some fine-tuning along the way.

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