Template and Design Choice When Creating a Website

Newcomers may face a daunting task of creating a website from scratch, especially since it involves intricate technicalities. Luckily, the amount of manuals and how-to's is overwhelming and self-study is an easy task for someone who can't afford hiring help at the first stages of a new business.

Choosing template and design for your website is one of the technicalities you will need to work out on your own. Whereas, hosting setup may be included in the hosting plan the provider offers you. Templates come in great quantities. Some are free of charge, other are protected by copyright. Templates you pay for ensure your exclusive rights to your website. Whichever you choose, there is a number of things to consider.

When choosing a template, consider the type of website you're building. What aims should your website accomplish? Website templates determine the look and usability of your website. Do you want a single page site or a multi-page? If you're selling a product, you should choose a template that is set up for mostly photos and some text. Whereas, if you're promoting an idea, choose a template that is set up for mostly text and some photos. See if the template matches the style of your website.

Who is the author of the template - well-established company giving away free templates, or a novice designer? Do you trust them, or do they have positive reviews on the internet?

You must realize well how much customization your template is going to need. Website design templates allow almost unlimited customization options: colors, animation, fonts, multi-media, etc. When in doubt, choose the simple one at first. Whereas, many webmasters seek professional assistance in this area.

Decide on the type of layout you need: tables, graphs, or maybe charts; links or animation; navigation bar to the left or to the right? Pay special attention to your front page, because it is the front line that has to make people want to stay at your website longer.
One more important thing about template - will your website be easily accessible to public? In other words, will it be fast to load. Websites have to be easily accessible to both public and search engines.

Usability, or an user-friendly interface also depends on the template and layout. Mostly users give up on a complicated website within the first minute of their visit. If you want people to stay, make your website easy to navigate and find information.

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