The AMD Opteron Server Processors

With its newest line of Opteron server processors, AMD has introduced a new multi-pronged
approach for its customers: the processor line includes the AMD Opteron 3300, 4300 and 6300
series processors - designed to equip the cloud with better scalability, improved efficiency and

The 6300 AMD Opteron Series provides lower costs of acquisition to reduce the overall TCO.
This enables better performance at better cost, including power consumption. Furthermore, there
are new enhancements that allow applications to operate faster in comparison to the previous
generation by maintaining a power budget (same as before). To meet the requirements of those
applications that need low power, the 4300 Series is ideal. This line of AMD Opteron processors
delivers unmatched energy efficiency for cloud deployments which are power-conscious along
with non-virtualized collaboration and infrastructure. 4300 Series processors provide a low
datacenter TCO by the use of excellent energy efficiency infrastructure made available at high
affordable prices.

For an ideal combination of low cost and low power, the 3300 Series of AMD Opteron
processors gives excellent flexibility and performance with worry free OS and software
manageability and certification along with enterprise class reliability. This line is specially
designed for the entry level servers in the enterprise-class at a desktop price; a server solution
that goes by the motto ‘money-in-pocket, single socket'. It provides an increase of 13% in the
overall performance compared to the previous generation while using the newest modular core
architecture of AMD to increase the TCO savings with outstanding performance.

The line of AMD Opteron Server processors scores higher against the competition in terms
of power efficiency and cost savings, providing greater number of cores with less power
requirements of each core, all at a relatively low price.

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