The Importance of Understanding Linux and Unix Based Hosting

Many people outside of the computer world probably do not know that much about either Linux or Unix based hosting, but the truth is that these can be very important to someone who is looking for a company to host their website. Many small businesses who are building websites are turning to a hosting service that is based on Linux and Unix rather than Windows because of some basic differences that many people find appealing.

The first thing you need to understand if you are looking into using these two platforms is that they are basically the same because they are completely platform independent. Both Linux and Unix are meant to be open source operating systems, and this is a bonus to people who are interested in making sure that their potential customers can view their websites no matter which operating system they are running. This is not always true when a website is designed by someone who is running a Windows operating system, and that is why many people have begun to prefer that they build their websites using either Linux or Unix, this way everyone will be able to see the site exactly as you have designed it and intended for them to see it.

Until very recently many people did not realize the benefits of using Linux and Unix because they were mainly operating systems that were used almost exclusively by people with extensive computer knowledge and background understanding. In short, they were not really very easy to use and understand by people with just a basic sense of computer knowledge. This has changed in recent years as the operating systems have undergone something of an overhaul and have become a lot easier to use. Meaning that even someone with a basic knowledge of computers could easily navigate their control panels to update and control your website.

Often people prefer to use Linux or Unix because they are seen as more reliable operating systems overall. This is because there are not that many bugs in the operating systems and the programs that are run on these systems do not tend to crash as often as programs that run in Windows. Another reason for the proficiency for these operating systems is that they are designed to be capable of running several different processes at the same time, which means that the server will be able to work at a high level of efficiency.

If you decide to use a Linux of Unix based hosting system, then you will want to make sure that all the components of your website will match up correctly so that they can be uploaded and viewed in the proper manner. For example, if you are running a Microsoft MSSQL database, then you cannot use either Linux or Unix, instead you would want to make sure that you used a mSQL or MYSQL database. However, the good news is that you can use any scripting language with Unix or Linux, so you do not have to worry about this when you are setting up your website.

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