What do you use FTP for?

If you ever had Computer Studies in your school curriculum, you should have a faint idea about FTP, atleast about the its full form if nothing else. FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol, implying that an FTP client is nothing but a program that allows you to move files from one computer to another with great ease. In case of websites, FTP is the standard tool which enables you to move your website to the server machine on which it is hosted. Quite a few FTP clients are available for download on the internet on a trial basis.

The very first step to use FTP is that you have to download a client online, which then sets you up with a home page hosting provider. In the FTP client dialog obx, you basically fill out yout site's name, name of the server and UserID and Password that you will need to access your site. Once you have established connection to the server, all that remains is the file transfer operations which can easily be managed with a few clicks of the mouse. With a FTP client, you can also move, rename, delete or view your files and also create a new folder any time you need, making file management a real easy task.

Web Browsers too can be used to connect to FTP addresses, providing an easy alternative for file browsing, especially where large directories are involved, although browsing on Web Browsers is comparatively slower and less reliable.

Once you have gotten a hang of the file transfer operations, all that is left for you to do is go to your hosting provider, log in and look at your website from another person's view-point and then make any modifications, add any components or remove some, depending on your needs

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