Using SEO Keywords Naturally

When it comes to using Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, keywords on your website, some people tend to go overboard. They believe that the more times a keyword is on your site, the better it is. This is actually not true. While it certainly helps to feature keywords in your text, titles, and heading on your site, you can do it too often. There are several dangers to overusing your keywords.

The first is that Google and other search engines know that people are doing SEO now. In the beginning, their search robots didn't recognize that people were stuffing all these keywords in their site, and they actually thought websites with hundreds of repetitions of their keywords were really good, authoritative sites. Today, search engines have programmed their robots to recognize sites that are only trying to get high page rankings, and they penalize them accordingly. This means if you've got the same keywords in every sentence, your site is probably not going to be ranked very well.

There's another issue here, and that's your human visitors. If an actual human is viewing a site that's full of keyword-stuffed sentences, they're going to find the information provided very awkwardly written. They're going to wonder why you used the same words over and over, and they may even stop reading after a few sentences because the site is so poorly written. Those who understand SEO will see your site for what it is-a site designed for search engine robots and not for humans. This will send them off to other websites without a second thought.

So what can you do to work keywords into your website naturally? First of all, don't try to cram a keyword into every sentence. You can work a keyword into your site three or four times in a 400-word article and be fine. Keep your keyword density low: two to three percent is plenty (i.e., use the word two times in a one hundred word paragraph). Even that may be too much in some cases.

Placement is important, too. Try to use a keyword in the first sentence or two, or in the title of your article. Also try to use it again at the end or in a few sub-headings here and there. It's more important to put your keywords in the proper places than to spam them all across the page.

Remember to put your keywords in areas that your human visitors may not see but that search robots will. This includes the Meta description of your site (which is imbedded in the sites HTML code), the ALT text on images, and the title text that appears up on the internet browser window. These are great places to add a few extra keywords that human visitors usually don't see or pay attention to but search bots will.

Remember that with keywords, it is quality over quantity. You'll see much better results if you place your keywords in the optimum places rather than trying to put as many keywords as you can into your text.

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