Web Hosting For WordPress Blogs

You must understand by now that a WordPress blog is one of the easy solutions for beginning webmasters. It is easy to customize, it is free of charge and it offers a user-friendly intuitive interface that doesn't require technical knowledge. Anyone can successfully create a WP blog within a day. What you probably didn't think of yet, is that you need a serious web hosting provider to go with your WordPress blog. Considering the fact that the amount of hosting providers is overwhelming, the choice is a difficult one. Whereas, most of them promise a great deal of features and extras, not all of them manage to fulfill the simplest tasks a web hosting must provide - uptime, guaranteed space, reliability, security, support.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the adequate web hosting provider for your WordPress blog. Since it is WP in question, your provider must be WordPress compatible. Make sure they have WordPress installation scripts like fantastico, or others. Otherwise, you will have to go through turmoil installing WP to your hosting account. In order to make your setup process easier, ask about WP installation scripts before you commit. WordPress itself is offering web hosting services.

The next criteria are based on common sense and general guidelines for those choosing a web hosting for the first time:

Whereas you stick to your budget, you must understand cheap doesn't always mean good when it comes to hosting. Moreover, good quality doesn't always come at high price. The trick here is to research, compare and listen. Most well-established companies have extensive information on their websites. Whereas, others have websites that look like they've just been bulk-created and multiplied with a copy-machine. A buzzing user community is a good sign that the provider is communicating with its clients.

Most providers guarantee 99.9% uptime, whereas only few of them post uptime statistics on their official websites. Even fewer offer discounts if they fail to fulfill their promises.
Support. Mind if the hosting is unmanaged, managed or do you need to pay extra for a piece of tech advice. Do you get set up for free, or do you have to do it on your own?

Moneyback guarantee.
Does it apply to yearly plans? What happens when you choose to unsubscribe from a yearly plan?

Scalable plans.
Leave room for growth. Your plan must be scalable for future upgrade to a different plan with bigger disk space and bandwidth.

Security and state of the servers.
Do they own a datacenter, or do they lease? Lease doesn't always mean bad news, while self-owned servers don't always mean state-of-the-art hardware.

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