Website Navigation - Top Examples of innovative Solutions

Every Website has its very own personality, reflecting the company or individual behind it. Most site owners want their sites to stand out among the crowds and be enjoyable and memorable enough for visitors to return, make a purchase or get in touch with them in some way or another.

In order for a site to stand out, it obviously needs to have remarkable content. It should, however, also be creative and iinnovative, while remaining exceptionally functional. Achieving this should begin by asking just what could possibly make users' lives easier. Frequently, sprucing up navigation solutions can make all the difference to how users view/ use a Website. Here are a few examples of incredibly functional, yet highly creative solutions to navigation needs.

Toybox - In essence, navigation should only be there when required, graciously disappearing when users wish to concentrate on specific tasks. When designing online store checkouts, for example, navigation should be easily accessible, but give prominence to critical features like checkout forms. Toybox's navigation hits this nail right on the head.

Users' attention is directed to the otherwise hidden, easy to use navigation bar via a swivel effect as and when required. Information like where to find Toybox, what the company does and more can be found within a very discreet bar at the top of the page. This combination allows for a very clean, simple design making the viewing of projects, which do not compete in any way for the viewers attention, very pleasant. This is enhanced by the fun hover effect, which pushes back and fades other images while users focus on a specific project.

Olivier Bossel - This interactive designer's portfolio is highly interesting. The effect of navigation elements creating exploding pixel effects when hovered over is highly dynamic and provides a contrast to the overall clean design. A nice visual element, this effect encourages visitors to explore the site further. Consistency in visual tone and voice perfectly complement brand identity, and simply viewing the site allows visitors to experience Bossel's work at its best.

Other great examples of creative navigation options can be found on the following sites:

Barcamp Omaha
Derek Boateng
Escape Flight
Minimal Monkey
Mostly Serious
Second Story
The Satorialst

If these innovative ideas still fail to offer the right kind of inspiration for your purposes, a simple journey visiting a range of different popular sites may help to get some ideas on how to make site navigation different, yet enjoyable and easy to use for visitors.

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