What are Meta - Tags?

Added to Web pages\' section, meta tags can be used to provide a variety of
clients with information, subsequently making them an excellent tool to provide Website
information to search engines - in spite of frequent suggestions that they are no longer of
great importance.

Each search engine system will only process the Meta tags it can understand, completely
ignoring the rest. Google, for instances, can read HTML, as well as XHTML style tags
(regardless of page-specific codes), and understands/ processes a whole list of tags.

It should be noted that case is, as a rule, not important, except in the case of verify. If unlisted
Meta tags are of importance to a particular site, they can, of course, be used, but if Google
does not recognise them, they will invariably be ignored by this search engine.

In short, if a user wishes to use Meta tags to assist in the promotion of his/ her site via
the Google search engine, it is wise to take a look at the list of recognised meta tags and
attempting to use these specific tags as much as possible.

Naturally, it is always possible to add user/ other search engine-specific tags as well to further
promote recognition by other search engines.

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