What is a responsive Website?

If you have been looking for inspiration or help for creating a Website, it is likely that you have
at some point or another come across suggestions that your Website should be responsive.
This may well have left you asking just what a responsive Website actually is.

In essence, a responsive site has been created to automatically resize in accordance with the
device it is used on. In other words, it will adjust its size to suit the size of the device\'s screen.

Viewers do not want to have to pan, scroll or resize a site to view it, they want to be able to
see the whole page without fuss on whatever device they happen to be using.

As mobile platforms - smart phones, laptops and notebooks of varying sizes, pads, tablets,
and so on - are being used in ever increasing numbers, this is subsequently not only
advisable (and certainly more cost-effective than creating different sites suitable for each new
device), but rapidly becoming a \'must-do\' for Websites if they want to remain competitive.

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