Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome?

How does one decide which browser is best suited for his or her PC when there are quite a few options to choose from? Well, as an amateur web surfer, the major categories you should keep in mind to decide upon a browser are - Speed, Interface, Security, Standards Support and the Extra Features. Today, the 3 browsers that dominate the market are Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome; and the competition is fierce enough to make your decision tough.

All three browsers' parent companies, i.e Microsoft, Mozilla and Google released the latest versions of these browsers recently, on which I will be giving you a brief insight. When it comes to the interface, you should go for the browser that can make do with the bare minimum, and Chrome is the pioneer of this area. When it comes to multiple tab browsing, all three of them have an almost equal footing, with Explorer having only a slight advantage because of its compatibility with the OS. When it comes to speed, here again Explorer has a very slight advantage over the others, being relatively faster by only 30 milliseconds, on SunSpider 0.9.1

Both Chrome and Firefox have supported HTML5 features longer than IE and therefore support more HTML features than the IE, with Chrome taking the lead. When it comes to security, all three browsers offer excellent tools to prevent your system from getting malwares or spywares, but here too Chrome has an edge with its code being fully sandboxed. IE, with its Tracking Protection feature however, ensures more privacy for the user. When it comes to syncing bookmarks, passwords and tabs Firefox has the upper hand but when it comes to extensions, Chrome takes the lead again. To sum it up, Chrome has a significant number of advantages over the others, irrespective of the platform.

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