Why managed Hosting is the smart Choice

For the vast majority of small businesses, employing a full, skilled team of IT professionals to manage their Web hosting and all related tool, software, performance, reliability and security issues is simply not a viable option.

Unmanaged hosting plans - though potentially a cheaper option in the short term - mean the responsibility of looking after the server falls to whoever happens to have the most IT experience within the company, often meaning they are no longer able to perform their usual duties. If things above the experience of this individual then need doing or start going wrong, this can prove to be a costly mistake.

Unless a skilled IT team is readily available, opting for managed hosting is therefore a much smarter and ultimately more cost-effective choice. Here are some of the reasons why this is so.

Security Issues - Managed servers have the experience and resources to continually monitor/ deal with security issues, including:

Filtering spam
Scanning for viruses
Running security audits
Configuring software fire walls
Providing OS updates

Back-ups - Data is continually backed-up, ensuring even natural disasters do not result in potentially huge financial losses due to loss of data.

Database/ Storage Management - Complex databases are designed to suit company specific requirements and managed by skilled database admin teams, and storage requirement are scaled and managed properly.

In short, managed hosting plans provide customised solution to meet all business needs, while saving both time and money.

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