We use state-of-the-art Dell Blade servers. As well as providing high performance, blades have multi redundant power supplies and network connections, meaning if there is a hardware failure the system automatically recovers and carries on without so much as a blink.

Blade servers are also green, having much less power utilisation than normal servers, as well as keeping our (and therefore your) costs down, they are also much better for the enviroment.

Lastly, all of our servers are connected to and utilise a high performance SAN (Storage Area Network) to store your files. As well as offering complete redundancy at every level (so we never lose your data due to the dreaded disk failure) it offers extreemly high performance, so no matter how busy our systems get, your sites performance remains super fast.

We've Moved!

Enix Hosting are now HostPresto! Same company, same great products, same amazing support - just a new name!

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