There are a number of ways to develop a webpage, among which the most convenient method is to use a
PHP-based content management system (CMS) that comprises all the necessary features and collections
that you will need for web designing. CodeIgniter is also one such extremely useful application that
helps you skip the tedious task of creating the blue print of your website on your own, providing a sound
structure on which you can base your online page.

This web-based tool lets software designers incorporate views on their websites with the help of a
function. In the CodeIgniter language, a view refers to any webpage or a part of it that is embedded
with some other webpage. To call a function, all developers need to do is to edit the origin code of the

Typically, CodeIgniter is preferred by professional web designers with expertise in PHP programming for
the following reasons:

Due to its less space occupation, it works perfectly well on computers with limited disk or memory
All it needs to function is an HTTP server and PHP edition 5.1.6 or more recent.
It is compatible with a number of programs such as Oracle, ODBC, PostGres, MS SQL, MySQL
(edition 4.1 or later) and SQLite.