An effective and powerful content management system (CMS) is the need of the hour for any business
looking to expand its presence online. Therefore, it is hardly surprising to see the mushroom growth of
CMS programs all across the web space. Concrete5 is also one such application that promises its users
solid results if they choose to channel their CMS through it.

Entering the market in the year 2008, it would not be wrong to consider Concrete5 as a fairly recent
entrant in the business of CMS, especially in the presence of CMS giant WordPress. However, the
software developers claim that this open source software has made some serious progress since the time
of its launch and is being considered among the favorite online content managers presently.

One of the biggest reasons why Concrete5 has been able to make a name and place for itself is the
convenience of use it offers to its users. Creating a page is a fast and hassle-free process, especially
if the developers choose to use the templates offered by the program itself. Along the way, its built-in
editors help in highlighting any problem area on the designed page.

One thing that might put off former WordPress users is that many of the add-ons offered on Concrete5
cost money.