When it comes to web development, the presence of images is what adds life to the whole presentation of
content. This means that no matter how attractive the written material might be, it will not have the same
effect as it will when it is supported with appropriate images. This is the very need that gave rise to the
concept of image management software such as Coppermine.

Based on PHP, Coppermine offers a professional level image organizing program but still manages
to retain its simplicity of usage. It facilitates users from all parts of the world by offering a large variety
of languages for programmers to choose from and incorporate in their websites. The image displaying
website provides an array of formats and patterns for the convenience of users, giving them the liberty to
design it in any way they want. Being an open sourced tool, it even gives the option to create one’s own

The software package saves pictures in organized albums that can be organized by categorizing and
sub-categorizing them. It has the ability to accommodate a large number of visitors at one time, giving
authority to the admin of the specific gallery whether they should be permitted to add pictures, make
albums or remove content.