For corporations across the world, the introduction of a large variety of e-commerce tools has made it
exceedingly easier for them to conduct their businesses without much hassle. Among such applications
is CubeCart, which was created with the intention to give general users as well as enterprises the
opportunity to sell their products and services through the internet.

Although it does not charge any fee from its clients, CubeCart is not an open source tool unlike some
of the other software of its kind. This means that its users cannot freely make changes to its source.
However, the complete source code is provided to the users upon becoming members of CubeCart, with
the licensing template making room for a customized user generated code.

In its initial days, CubeCart used to be called ‘eStore’ and was created by Alistair Brookbanks, then a
student, for his own use. With time, however, Brookbanks realized that the name needed a change as he
worked on increasing CubeCart’s functionalities. Since 2008, CubeCart primarily supports PHP version 5
and later.

Some of its features include:

Completely template-based design
SEO promoting content and web address creation
Compatibility with a number of foreign currencies
Availability of gift coupons and certificates