The widespread use of internet has made it inevitable for individuals to require websites that gives
them a prominent presence online. This is where the need for web applications like Joomla is felt, with
the help of which people can not only create website but also utilize the support it offers as a content

management system (CMS). The best thing about this web development software is that it can be used
by anyone since it does not charge any fee and is available without the need of acquiring any certification
or licensing.

After it was released in 2005, Joomla has gained popularity among all levels of web designers, right from
beginners to professionals. This has been one of the greatest achievements for the online software amid
the stiff competition it has had to face with the likes of WordPress already ruling the cyberspace. In fact, it
was found to be the second most popular CMS following WordPress.

Written in PHP, Joomla is largely appreciated for the variety of features it has including blog
management, RSS feeds, page cache, organizing online polls, adapting software in multiple languages,
providing search options, offering users the liberty to print web pages and even receive latest news