For a business to survive amid the competition it faces in the open market, it is imperative to keep in mind
what it target market expects from its products and whether it is able to fulfill those expectations or not.
This is the reason why marketing research and surveys have become so imperative to understand the
market trends. To facilitate businesses in carrying out their surveys, software packages like Lime Survey
are a practical option.

Lime Survey is an open resource survey program, which means it gives its users the option to customize
it according to their own needs. On the payment of a certain amount of fee, Lime Survey offers its clients
an unmatched user experience by offering them the freedom to include:

Limitless surveys simultaneously
As many questions as they want to incorporate
As many respondents as they want
A variety of languages

With its practicality and the wide range of features it offers, Lime Survey is designed to cater to a diverse
consumer base and purposes, including:

Market research
Studying consumer behavior
Quality maintenance and control
Product reviews
Gathering important information for database management
Conducting tests and assessments