With the world relying heavily on the internet for almost every single task, it comes as no surprise to see
the growing level of involvement that internet has in performing trade and commerce globally. This is the
niche captured by Magento, a license-free web tool that facilitates the concept of e-commerce for traders
worldwide. The application provides simplified and expandable e-trade options to business enterprises in
order to help them progress and gain exposure in the cyberspace.

According to the Magento website, the online software is currently being brought into use by over 150,000
enterprises across the globe, with a number of them counted among the top businesses of the world.
Unlike web tools like WordPress, Magento is generally not available for free. In fact, the only free version
of Magento available is the Community Edition. Apart from that, the web tool requires its clients to pay a
certain fee, based on the scope of their work.

Under the ownership of online retailer giant eBay Inc, Magento’s capitalization of the e-commerce sector
and the supremacy it enjoys among its competitors seems inevitable. The online software caters to trades
of all magnitudes and gives them the liberty to incorporate features as per their own choice, need and