With the limitless options of online software designed to facilitate web developers available, it does come
as a surprise when the MODX Revolution website claims that the application has so far been downloaded
a whopping 1,000,000 times already. However, on drawing an analysis of the features it offers, one
comes to realize that there is good reason why users have shown such keen interest in this content
management tool.

Security: The web tool strives to provide foolproof security of use to its users. It monitors all the
content being entered into its domain. Moreover, there are regular updates introduced in order to
ascertain that there is no compromise on its safe usage.

Liberty to develop web content: MODX is perhaps one of the best resources available in the
market that helps developers build sound websites and gives them plenty of options to customize
their web pages as they like.

Search engine optimization: With this feature, MODX has the potential to gain more attention
from online businesses that want to gain greater exposure on the cyberspace. It provides user-
friendly options to develop a website that garners attention on search engines and makes it
extremely easy with the incorporation of HTML.