OpenCart is an innovative web-based application that allows you to have a delightful time when shopping
online on different retailer websites. This online tool has received a tremendous response from the users
due to its free service and the fact that it is open sourced. This means that any person using this web tool
can provide his or her own input to it, make changes and introduce add-ons the software structure.

That, however, does not imply that the application is entirely based on user input, as the company is
constantly trying to bring about improvements in it to ensure better user experience and consistency
in its working. Although OpenCart does face competition at the hands of other ‘shopping cart’ software
programs like OsCommerce, it has still managed to maintain its customer base by providing some
impressive features:

Provides access to countless merchants and types of products.
Is compatible with diverse currencies, languages and themes designed by the community
Invites customers to leave feedbacks and ratings on the products they have used.

Displays recommendations for individual users, while enlisting business statistics for enterprises.
Offers plugins such as e-commerce tracker, image zooming in feature and filters to sift through
product categories without any cost.