The main concept of phpBB is to provide website owners with an application that helps them in installing
and managing message or bulletin boards on their respective web pages. Since it is an open source
program, it provides greater flexibility in terms of the facility users enjoy in customizing it in accordance
with their website’s particular needs. For new users, however, using phpBB and understanding the
plethora of options it offers can be pretty challenging. This is why it is always better to gain some
background knowledge about this software before a person gets to work on it.

There are a number of ways in which novice users can gain useful information about operating phpBB,
which include:

Giving a thorough read to the phpBB information material: The documented information
provides comprehensive guidance on phpBB functionality and features.
Utilizing the phpBB Knowledge Base: The phpBB Knowledge Base refers to tutorials and how-
to articles that have been published by the software’s own developers in order to help out first-
time users. The best thing about these pieces is that they focus on one area at a time, providing a
clear view of it, instead of filling in all the aspects of the program in one article.
Connecting through the online community: New users can present their queries to the online
community on the software’s webpage and get solutions to their specific problem.