It is imperative for businesses to keep themselves current in front of their clients all the time. This
is the reason why they constantly have to strive for innovative ways to reach out to their customers
and maintain their top of mind (TOM) strategy. In recent times, one of the most effective methods of
reaching the target market far and wide is to send out bulk emails, which may contain promotional offers,
newsletters, advertisements and notifications. To achieve this goal, companies make use of software like
PHPList that has been designed to send out emails to a large number of people simultaneously.

Being an open sourced application, PHPList provides complete freedom to its users to alter it as they
deem fit in accordance with their particular requirements. With this flexibility, marketers can systemize
the list of email addresses to which the emails need to be sent to and decide what content they want
to proliferate. The content could be a written message or an attachment like pictures, announcement
banners, corporate files and coupons.

To facilitate clients and help them save time, PHPList lets them set the time when their messages are to
be sent and dispatches them even if the administrators are not online to oversee the proceedings.