As global trading companies become increasingly reliant on the power of the worldwide web, it is
but inevitable for companies to come up with different programs that help them in carrying out their
businesses much more efficiently than before. PrestaShop is one such software that was introduced in
order to cater to the needs of businesses and organizations all over the world.

Not only does this online application provide essential support to its users in managing and organizing
their business-related matters but also offers them the opportunity to establish their own online stores.
What makes it a more preferred option by many of its users is its no-fuss policy about service charges
and licensing. That is to say that PrestaShop is an open source web tool that is available free of charge.

Publicly released in 2007, PrestaShop became a success right from the word ‘go’, managing to get 1,000
downloads within the first month of its launch. According to the statistics published on its website, the
software presently powers more than 130,000 online stores globally and boasts of an online community of
around 400,000 users.

Welcoming input from its online community, PrestaShop offers a plethora of business management and
web designing options such as themes, plugins and bug removal services.