With the infinite variety of online software available for both amateur and expert web developers, it
becomes essential for web applications to carve their own niche in face of the stiff competition they face.
For this reason, we see the web tool Smarty some extra features that you may not be able to find in its
other contemporaries.

This website designing tool provides webpage administrators with a number of templates to base their
web design on. These predefined formats assists developers in building sites without requiring to come
up with a code first, thus saving them extra work. Why web designers usually want to go with Smarty is
because it provides them the freedom of handling the code to some extent. In case you want to put in a
code instead of written material on your website, you need to specify tags that will relay the message to
the Smarty format you are using.

The tags can also be used if you want to incorporate PHP into the template. The basic aim of Smarty is
to facilitate object-oriented programming, which helps developers and companies save on expenses and
protocols needed to effectively manage a program after its launch. It has specifically been designed for
back-end users.