The concept of microblogging may very well have been popularized by Twitter but there are other
applications that have made use of this idea as well. While Twitter caters to a worldwide audience
through the internet, programs like StatusNet provide the option to provide short status updates to people
who are a part of a localized network. In other words it is powered by intranet. Being an open sourced
tool, it is fairly simple to customize StatusNet as per the requirements of its users and the network of
which it is a part.

The updates and statuses shared by the members of the intranet network remain right within the domain,
without any need for support from a third party. Once you have the application downloaded, you can
proceed towards signing up for it and assign yourself the username with which you want to be referred to
in the domain.

One of the best things about StatusNet is that it gives users the convenience of updating their statuses
and publishing messages through their phones. Moreover, it allows multilinking with any other social
networks the subscriber might be a part of. These prominently include social networking sites like
Delicious and Facebook. If used within the internal network of an organization, this software can prove to
be extremely helpful in spreading messages and making important announcements.