Named after its parent company, SugarCRM is a customer relationship management, or CRM, program
which can be used in open source as well as commercial open source formats. This means that it caters
to both business as well as non-business clientele and has separate workable programs designed for

them, based on their specific needs and objectives. The main aim behind the development of SugarCRM
was to help companies expand their customer base and maintain a fruitful relationship with them by
offering higher productivity and authority on the business transactions.

Since it is an open sourced application, SugarCRM can easily be customized by the users based on their
own requirements. The customization option is imperative for corporations in particular since they need
to adapt their e-commerce programming based on the changes made in their sales model over time.
Similar to Magento, SugarCRM is also not available for free and charges the amount based on the level
of assistance required by a business.

The best thing about choosing to work with SugarCRM is its user-friendly interface and the fact that it
provides a comprehensive analysis of the target market to the business enterprises that use it. This gives
the company long-term power of sustainability and clear advantage over its competitors in the market.