The name Vanilla naturally makes us think of the ice cream flavor. However, in the world of software,
Vanilla is the name of a program that has been kept close sourced by its designers. This means that
the application does not provide any room to its users to make alterations as per their need. Unless the
clients are willing to pay the charges on licensure that allows them to modify Vanilla according to their
requirements, they have to make do with the generalized version of the software. The good thing is that
the licensing fee is not too high and is affordable for even small-time users.

The idea to design a generic product was to create a tool that caters to all types of consumers. In this
effort, manufacturers of Vanilla have managed to create a basic software development program that
does not come with any additional features that are generally a part of web designing applications. These
include elements and add-ons from external software marketing parties, which can help in maximizing
the utility of the program. Vanilla, however, is free of any such bonus components and relies mainly on its
own inherent design.

In essence, this software might be best suited for users who are learning the basics of web designing.