In today’s times, blogging and website creation have gained widespread popularity among people who
want to make their presence felt across the cyberspace. With the increasing demand of blogospheres
among internet users, it is no surprise to see a greater number of blog sites popping up each day. By far,
the best and most well known among these blogospheres is WordPress, an internet-based software that
allows users to maintain their own web space and blogs.

After being launched in 2003, WordPress rapidly gained a name for itself as it provided people the
opportunity to create blogs and operate content management systems (CMS) on their own, that too for
no cost at all. With a wide variety of themes and plugins available through the software, users have the
freedom to design their webpage any way they want.

According to the statistics released in 2011, WordPress version 3.0 was downloaded for more than
65 million times. The numbers also showed that 22 percent of all new websites launched relied on
WordPress for their creation as well as management.

The latest WordPress version to be unveiled is 3.5.1, which was released on January 24, 2013 as part of
the maintenance protocol for version 3.5.