Zend is among the web development tools that have mastered PHP and the convenience of use it offers,
especially when used in combination with HTML. In order to help people gain expertise in its operation,
the parent company of Zend offers certification programs for computer engineers who wish to increase
their qualification and enhance their programming portfolio.

If you have set your mind to acquire Zend certification, you should also study the advantages it entails
for you. First and foremost, once you have the qualification under your belt, you will definitely be a level
above your peers. Moreover, you can definitely expect a promotion at your current workplace or a better
job offer from elsewhere once the company owners find out that you have completed your certification

Another thing that goes in your favor is the fact that Zend’s parent company prints a directory that enlists
qualified developers from each of its batches. This means that you can attract more clients, especially
those who are inclined towards using Zend as their programming software.

The criterion for becoming a certified Zend engineer is to complete the 18-hour course and clear the
assessments at the end of it. To register, just log onto Zend Technologies website and enroll for the
course online.