Dedicated Hosting

Looking at the different types of cheap web hosting, you may see several terms like cheap dedicated hosting. Sometimes, web hosts aren't very good at defining what these terms mean, and you may have more acronyms and odd words running through your head then you know what to do with. Dedicated hosting, however, is actually a pretty simple term to understand, and if you're looking for a host for your business website, it may be something you want to consider.

Basically, dedicated hosting, sometimes called private web hosting, is less like renting server space and more like renting an entire server which is not as cheap as VPS hosting. You get the entire server to yourself, which means you can decide which operating system is used, what features and programs are installed, and how it's all configured. Your website also gets access to all of the hardware and resources of the dedicated host server at all times, which can speed up how quickly the website responds to users. Naturally, this means that you'll have the server's entire hard drive at your disposal, so you can upload huge video files, thousands of images, and giant websites that span hundreds of pages without worrying about taking up too much space.

If your website is going to use databases and other advanced programs, you definitely want to look at cheap dedicated hosting. This is because shared web hosts often are only able to offer a few different database options, while with dedicated hosting, you can install any database you need. If you're running large programs off of your website, you will probably also want a dedicated host since these programs may run very slowly on a shared server where other websites are fighting with yours for resources. Also, if you're planning on creating several large websites (for multiple businesses, for example, or for one business that has multiple branches), a dedicated server is a good way of keeping all of these websites together. You can split a dedicated host into smaller partitions and place each website in its own partition to make it very easy to keep track of them all.

Of course, there is a downside to dedicated web hosting, and that's the cost. Because you're basically renting the entire server, you're going to have to pay for it all its not going to be cheap. With shared hosting, the cost is split between everyone who has a website on that server, so it's much cheaper. However, because dedicated hosting gives you great flexibility and customization, it may be the only way to go for your websites.

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