Web Hosting in the UK

Cheap UK web hosting is one way of hosting your website online. It has several advantages over private or dedicated hosting and virtual private hosting. However, there are some downsides to UK web hosting, too. If you're looking for a host for an individual website, chances are, UK web hosting is all you'll need. But if you are looking for a hosting company for your business website, you may want to really weight the downsides to UK web hosting before you sign up for it.

UK web hosting involves, as the name implies, sharing the server with others. Your website will be stored alongside a number of other sites, and all of these sites will share the resources of the server. This means that there will be some limits placed on your website - you will have a set amount of hard drive space you can use, a set amount of bandwidth per month, and a limit on how much email you can save. On a private server, your website is the only site on the entire machine, so you don't have to share anything.

Shared web hosts generally have some common applications and programs installed. These may include MySQL database support, various programming scripts, access to things like counters and stat tracking reports, and more. However, they often don't include uncommon programs or applications that the general website doesn't use. If your website needs any of these special programs or needs custom settings, again, you may need to look into other types of hosting.

It may sound like there are many limits to cheap, UK web hosting. While this is somewhat true, it's also true that most web hosts give you the option of expanding your hosting packages. You can often purchase additional storage space, bandwidth, or expand some of the other parts of your hosting package as needed. It's also important to note the cost of UK web hosting. It's very cheap because the cost is divided among the many different companies who have websites on the server. With a private host, you're paying for the entire server, which is very expensive. With UK web hosting, you pay for only a fraction of the server.

UK web hosting also doesn't require you to pay for any server maintenance or upgrades. In fact, as servers are upgraded, you may actually be given some extra server space for free. New software and script support is also often added each year.

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